Looking to take your family out for a lavish buffet in Singapore without busting your pocket? Check Chope app for finding the latest buffet deals 2018 in Singapore at reasonable prices possible.

Chope app gives 50 % and one-on-one unbeatable Buffet deals in Singapore where you just have to browse the list of the buffet restaurants, choose your favorite restaurant and then pre-purchase the discounted vouchers. You can receive the vouchers on the app or via mail through the shop website. Save these vouchers to present them to the restaurant host at the time of entering the restaurant to get the deal and increase your savings.

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1-1 Buffet Deals Guide

  • These digital vouchers are sent to your mail instantly after you purchase it. You can present the vouchers on your mobile or print them if it recommends. It is mandatory to show the vouchers before entering the restaurant or prior to the buffet.
  • One-on-one buffet deals offered by the app are applicable for 1 or 2 persons only. The buffet voucher will include GST and service charge and deals will be offered based on the total amount of your dining.
  • Each customer can buy many vouchers for the same or different restaurants at a time. But check the terms and conditions for restrictions.
  • The best part of these buffet vouchers is that you can mail them to your friends and family and let them have a wonderful meal.
  • You can purchase these vouchers for different restaurants where you will be a given combined code for your ease of reference. This code can be used p redeem your vouchers at different restaurants.