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Man coped with the HIV virus long prior to it was found as well as before great deals of individuals underwent aids tests. The same relates to other sorts of infections. For instance, the herpes virus exists in 2 out of three Americans; one more two thirds bring the herpes class cytomegalovirus. Four out of five Americans walk around with the Epstein virus, which in few of them triggers mononucleosis or ‘kissing disease’. Much more people are host to the papilloma virus, which is known to create warts.

There is rarely anybody living on this planet that does not lug a minimum of a dozen approximately viruses in his body, each one related to a specific transmittable illness. Yet no researcher in the world would certainly use these truths to announce a mass outbreak of viral epidemics. Every skilled virologist understands that these infections are inactive, i.e., they have been counteracted by the body immune system. He additionally understands that this makes the infected people immune against re-infection, unless naturally the immune system is damaged or reduced with various other variables.

human papilloma virus

If HIV, herpes, and also all the other types of viruses that are latent in human beings as well as pets surviving the world were capable of killing people, there would rarely be any person entrusted to deal with the billions of victims. HIV, being a human retrovirus created by the body itself, is absolutely benign to its host cells and is, for that reason, papistop unable of ruining any cell it has contaminated. This uses specifically to the cells of the body immune system, which are furnished with extremely innovative defense reaction. For HIV to have any destructive value, it would actually need to flood the body with energetic viral fragments.

Yet HIV can hardly be found even in late phase help patients, regardless of using the most sensitive of tests. The traces of HIV virus located in some help clients are non-active, which means, it is harmless, as well as consequently not responsible for the destruction of the body. If HIV were the reason for aids, it would need to do this during the two phases of HIV infection where blood levels of HIV are substantial:

  1. Not long after infection when the immune system creates antibodies.
  2. At the very end phase of aids when the levels of all viral tasks boost since the immune system has actually broken down as a result of various other reasons than HIV infection.

There is enough clinical information to show that HIV, being and remaining inactive even in aids individuals, does not eliminate t-cells as well as, therefore, cannot cause aids!