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Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, UK is stated to be one of the most haunted castle in the UK and not surprisingly considering that the castle residences dark dungeons and macabre torture chambers. This ancient citadel goes back to 1246, when the Earl Grey lords developed this remarkable building and where the Earl Grey forefathers have actually resided for centuries. The castle is currently the house of Sir Humphry Wakefield Bt., his other half The Hon. Lady Wakefield and their household. The household case it is one of the most haunted castle as a result of the lots of ghosts which often haunt their home.

One of the most noteworthy ghostly apparitions is the ‘blue kid’ or ‘radiant young boy’ who is claimed to haunt the castle’s Pink Room. Lots of visitors, whilst inhabiting the area, have actually heard terrifying sobbing sounds soon to be adhered to by a halo of blue light appearing over their bed. Although that specific haunting ended when a terrible exploration during remodeling job revealed the bones of a young child and a man that had been bricked inside a wall. It was planned that nobody needs to ever hear their piteous cries for assistance, as the wall was constructed 10 feet thick. This was not completion to the hauntings in chillingham castle. The proprietors have likewise experienced a much more scary power which strays the halls . the terrifying specter of the as soon as bad torturer – John Sage.

When nighttime drops around Chillingham Castle, among one of the most been afraid audios to be heard once in a while is that of ‘something’ gradually dragging its foot as it strays the corridors. It is believed to be the spirit of former Lieutenant, John Sage that made the label wouldragfoot’, when in life, his leg was injured by a spear during his end of the world in the recurring wars with his Scottish neighbors. After his injury he was desperate for a setting of work and was pleased to be provided the title of Chillingham Castle torturer by the castle owner Edward Longshanks 1200. Sage was a monster of a guy and his terrible work would provide him immense satisfaction for the next 3 years, where he would certainly take place to abuse at least 50 of his Scottish adversaries weekly.

Sage would certainly revel as the Scots were recorded and thrown right into the castle’s dungeons. These bad souls would desire they had actually perished on the combat zone, as Sage was renowned for performing one of the most hideous tortures in history. One torment tool happened called one of the most feared .’ the cage’. This apparatus would certainly trap its sufferer and then be placed over a blazing fire – toasting the hostage for hrs, whilst Sage sat studying his enemy – squirming and yelling for their death. Sage’s insatiable thirst for torture would ultimately cause his failure, when someday his lover Elizabeth Charlton paid him a browse through. Throughout their sexual liaison, Sage decided to put Elizabeth on one of his other torture tools – ‘the rack’. Sage then began strangling her throughout the height of her sex-related pleasure, but he went as well far and mistakenly eliminated her.